GSS TITAN Services

Technical Advice

GSS TITAN Central America, provides technical advice for the selection and optimization of the most recommended materials and equipment for the achievement of solutions that meet the specific needs of geotechnical projects such as permanent and temporary anchors, micro piles with self-drilling bars and solid bars. We support your designs with performance of our products as GSS TITAN Anchors, TITAN ISCHEBECK, SAS Thread Bars, KLEMM, and TEI Rock Drill systems.

Technical Services

Our technical service for maintenance and repair of Geotechnical equipment is local and with permanent staff in Central America. We represent brand equipment in Central America and the Caribbean:

  • TEI Rock Drilling Components, Excavator Attachments.
  • Obermann Grout Mixing Pumps.
  • Jacks for Cable Tensioning.

Equipment Rental

We offer the following equipment rental:

  • Grout Mixing Pumps.
  • Jacks for Cable Tensioning.

Also, we have trained personnel to handle this equipment.

Certified Post-Tensioning Anchoring Test

Certified post-tensioning anchoring tests such as Pre-production tests, Performance tests and Acceptance tests. All in accordance with PTI recommendations DC35.1-14.

Rock Drilling

Jet Grouting

KLEMM Bohrtechnik