GSS Titan is the official sponsor of the Vancouver Training Camp 2019

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and supply of materials for quality systems for the stabilization and consolidation of soils and rocks.
Our goal is to support our customers and find the best technical solution for their problem.

Within the systems you can find:

  • Strand Anchors, Active / Passive anchors, Cable Anchors.
  • Thread Bars Anchors.
  • TITAN injection (self-drilling) anchors ISCHEBECK.

Also, we are distributors of:

  • Injection equipment and Jet Grouting by OBERMANN
  • Anchor drilling equipment, Micropiles and soilnailing.
  • Rotation Heads and Rotopercussion Hammers.
  • Limited access drilling equipment from TEI ROCK DRILLS and KLEMM BOHRTECHNIK
  • Drilling tools

We work in an integrated manner providing advice, technical support and consulting services.

High-quality and powerful drills rigs

Grouting and post-grouting equipment

 Strand Anchors Permanent or temporary tiedown and tieback anchors, in either rock or soil

Klemm Bohrtechnik
Ischebeck Titan
Obermann Grouting
Stahlwerk Annahütte
TEI Rock Drills